Placing an Order

Buyer send us their product wish list

Customers sends us their product wishlist and we will start analyzing the best deals and shipping time to the customer’s address. This process will require about 24 hours for our specialist to reply. We will always select the quickest shipping available to ensure the speediest process for delivery. The entire delivery process will have tracking numbers to trace the route and update the latest status with each product purchased

Our services

Professional Dropship Delivery

Once payment is received, we will purchase through competitive priced trusted manufacturers and have the item delivered straight to your client's address. The product will be arranged to ship out within 48 hours


Our Manufacturers

Our database includes thousands of manufacturers that meet our rigorous technical and performance standards. We put every supplier through multiple levels of testing and verification so that you can confidently sell trusted products that will delight your customers. No fuss, no hassle, no flying to China to check things out for yourself. We are able to pack, sort and create a new shipment within 48 hours as promised


Express Delivery & Hassle Free Custom Clearance

Through our express air delivery, and expert handling of custom clearance your goods are in safe hands. Plus you will be able to trace your packages throughout the entire process will ensure you and your customers confident in your purchases through Tradecheckout.

Partner affiliates



1-2 Days Processing then Air freight delivery to your country


Most Renowned Partner Carriers in China